Basically the enjoyment of owning an old 4x4 comes down to two main ingredients: you like to tinker with "old school" vehicular technology or you like to endure hard 4x4 trails. When it comes to enjoying older Land Cruisers it really helps to have plenty of both.

David at Walker ValleyWheeling in Washington State is different from the 4x4 scene at the Rubicon in California or Utah's Moab.

Here we have less rock crawling. Local mountain trails at Liberty, Table Mountain, Manashtash Ridge, Rimrock, Elbe Hills and Walker Valley all feature a challenging mix of tight trees, steep off camber hills, rutted roots and some rocks. It rains here and once wet even "easy" trails become a real challenge.

Washington trails are deceptive looking: the camera does not always show how steep or off camber some of the hills actually are. While some guys do drive larger wagons these trails are best addressed with a solid, short-wheel based rig like the FJ40. Having a huge lift and 38" tires can bemore of a liability than an asset here.

While the Rubicon and Moab get more attention it is not uncommon for Land Cruiser drivers (who have repeatedly driven these famous trails unscathed) to be surprised at how much body damage and mechanical failure Washington trails exact on a rig. The trails here are fun, varied and the scenery from the these hills are breathtakingly beautiful. There is also ample opportunity for great camping as well.

Post: Naches

Mar 05 2012

The Naches area flanks the east side of the country's largest volcano: Mt Rainier. The trails in this area are off Rt. 410 near the Little Naches River. The Wagon Trail is a historical trail that was blazed by pioneers in the 19th century (an historical marker marks the event.) It is still popular with the off-road crowd today ... Continue»

Post: Table Mountain

Mar 06 2012

Table Mountain: The trip came at a perfect time as everyone was getting pretty fed up with the relentless rain, cold and gray skies - a well into late Spring phenomenon known to restless Seattleites as "June Gloom."... Continue»

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